Let’s talk about Bitcoin Investing


So if you’ve read my blog in the past, you know that I have been trying to get into Bitcoin. In addition, you know that now on my Partnership page I have a full section of nothing but Bitcoin partners, all of which will be discussed in this article. So why should you care about digital currency? What does it mean for you? Is it even worth your time?


Yes. Yes it is.


Let’s go one question at a time and then talk about the potential for success in all things. Firstly with any investments there is always a chance that the values of the investment decrease over time, thus meaning that there is always a chance for failure, although I would rate the failure of automated bitcoin mining and the like much less than traditional investments. Now with that out of the way we can talk about how certain people invest their bitcoins and other altcoins to better the future of all things. As I mentioned in my original article on bitcoins, investing via a “multiplication” website is NOT the way to go. And futhermore, I DO NOT recommend Block.io anymore due to an issue that the company has with me, which I will explain in a video which you can find on my YouTube channel, here!

So how can real investors make money? Well some will invest bitcoin like real money into companies. It offers a three-way (or more) handshake that is digitally signed and forces all parties to (hypothetically) be in a legal binding contract. Since digital currencies are so “new” world leaders still do not have enough information to place legal precedent on one side or the other, so make sure that you get a contract if you ever offer investment options to buyers or partners. This first way is crude and unorthodox, since it often can lead to the investors becoming bored, and/or the companies not upholding their end of the bargain. In addition, it is VERY costly. Some investment companies will only accept minimum investments of 3 BTC’s which, at the time of writing, is about 2,000 USD!

So what options are there for us little people? Us who can’t afford 2k/month? Or more? There’s Investment Collection Agencies. Companies like Bitz2U, Aim BTC, and BitSea take your coins (most of the time negligible amounts), then compiles them into their “pool” of coins where they are automatically invested into mining, online gambling services, and even companies who the traditional way of investing is more common. They then divide their return by how much you put in (minus their cut for hosting the deal) so you get profit! COOL, right? How do you sign up? Well let’s talk about each company that I invest with, and the downsides and the upsides to each option.


The company offers 100% of your principal back at any time. They claim that they only earn from mining and trading companies, thus allowing your conscious to be more clear. Legally registered in the UK, BitSea is more “clean” than others, however it only has one team member according to the Companies House website for the UK government, this makes me raise an eyebrow since why would their be only one representative for a company that’s handling millions of USD every day? In addition they were incorporated on 22 November, 2016 and state they are “financial management”. So far, I have been building up my investments with them, and only requested one payout which they completed within a few hours, however some have reported up to three days of the transaction time. I will say this company is the only one I didn’t have to contact to get information about my deposit and if it got lost in the mail because they were the only one that actually offered information on how many confirmations AS SOON AS I SENT THE TRANSACTION FROM MY WALLET! This is great! However, the only downside is that you cannot pull your whole deposit out without taking a major hit. For example, I tried to pull out my investments to compress them into just one investment, however when I tried to do so, the system told me that the return would be zero BTC. Maybe a glitch, however I would like them to look into it should they ever read this article. I will update this section should I get more information.

Aim BTC!

This company is very questionable, however they claim (again in the Companies House website for the UK) that they are an Advertizing Agency. Again, only one operator, however this one I feel more lenient towards because so many people from the bitcoin community say that this is the ONE company to trust and go with. I question their motives and how they get their money, however I feel that their simple, dry, boring explanation of what they do is simply to cover for gambling, so if you want a high return rate, but maybe some question in your investment, this is the company to go with. My only problem with them is that they don’t allow withdraws. Which is very curious. I question their motives and will be contacting them when I get a few seconds, and will update the article when I get a response. In addition to that I had to contact them to get them to activate my account and first deposit. This company is very questionable and their motives are seriously unknown, but they offer the best rates out of this list.


This company is the most questionable, however every time so far they have paid out, until the last week. I understand that it is christmas, so they may be very busy with everything else, however when you run a business that boasts “8455 Partners, $217236.46 Total Deposited, and $62556.47 total paid out!” you have to question why one week they don’t pay out. This company offers no information of registration, nor offers any way to find out more about them. The site looks like a child designed it with their eyes closed and that doesn’t even begin to touch on the questions that a new user may have about the process or the system behind the moeny. This company simply offers this as their explaination of how you make money: “In order for us to properly expand the Bitcoin empire that we’ve created….we’re going to need capital! What better way to do this then offer a piece of our ever growing stream of profits to the public? You can now join us as a partner in profits as we grow and expand our successful business models! It doesn’t matter who you are even if you have no business experience at all – this is a truly international opportunity! By making a deposit with Bitz2U.com, you are essentially pre-funding sales & fee’s that we will collect in the future and pay back to you immediately in spades!” WAT? What does that even mean? But however it works, according to them, I have crossed into profit. I deposited $26 and I am now sitting at $23.90, however I know I’ve gotten much more than that because they look at the lowest offer for bitcoins. This means that this company could accidentally pay you a hundred dollars when they owe you fifty. It’s unprofessional, but I won’t complain about making free money.

In addition to the above listed ways, I frequent this week’s sponsor: Hasheer! Hasheer is the one option that allows you to try their service for free to get a feel for what it offers. You get 500 GHs free upon signup for ONE WEEK! Ontop of that, keep any and all profits earned during that week! If you are excited to join and get money from Bitcoin Mining, be sure to check out Hasheer!

So how do you invest? Tell me down below. Also! If you would like to join the newsletter, simply sign up for the website and you’ll automatically be added! WOOP WOOP! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time.


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